Why I Like Where I Live #11: Da Bulls

Durham Bulls - Man on first, pitcher deliversThis was a no-brainer. I’d have cited the Durham Bulls if I had made a list four years ago or ten years ago. For this “list”, I’ve only been naming things within a certain radius of where I live. Right now, that radius is probably around two miles. Perhaps I’ll make a Google Map with all of them. I know most Durham bloggers and readers could probably name 100 reasons why I they like where they live. Focusing on the positive is not my strong suit. (You don’t say says the peanut gallery. Shut up, peanut gallery, I’m trying to be positive).

I’ve been waiting to make a post like this until I had a photo to share, since everyone who goes to a Bulls game always posts a photo. Unfortunately, both sets of my camera batteries (damn Duracell rechargeables!) died during the course of the game, so I missed the sunset, which probably arrived after the 5pm game ended tonight, anyway. Bulls won. They beat Rochester 9-3, wearing some hideous uniforms that looked like they came from Bojangles. I think they were celebrating that it was Triple-A-All-Star day. If someone knows what these uniforms were all about, I’ll be happy to correct this post. Yes, I do correct things. (Flouroquinolones are absolutely, positively BAD, BAD, BAD!)

It was also Wool E. Bull’s birthday today. He celebrated by getting to play all games the crowd usually gets to play (except The Newlywed Game, unless I missed that while I was getting something to eat). I can’t name all these mascots below, but there was a Who’s Who of North Carolina Mascots to celebrate with Wool E.

Durham Bulls - Mascot LoveDurham Bulls - Mascots convene to observe Wool E. Bull's Birthday

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