Why does IE choke? (There are prizes to be won)

Why doesn’t IE like my blog? It is because of all the embedded crap? Or is it because I don’t know CSS and how to make a layout that works for all browsers, and I ought to just pick a theme and not mess around with it? I’ve tried some Firebug-esque debuggers for IE, but I haven’t found anything that works just like Firebug for Firefox, and I don’t want to screw up the layout for Firefox.

Whoever can tell me how to fix all this gets their choice of…hmm…let me have a look around…

    some 37-cent stamps
    the O’Reilly book “Learning CGI Programming on the World Wide Web” (circa last century)
    a bound copy of my homeowner’s policy from Unitrin/Kemper
    a big Yankee candle jar still with 8% of the wax left (“Lemon Lavender”)
    a week of free advertising space on Toastiest (a $0.0099 value!)

4 thoughts on “Why does IE choke? (There are prizes to be won)

  1. But if you insist 🙂 IE7 loads without a problem. The error message I get in IE6.0 is “Press OK to continue loading this page.” This appears to be similar to the ActiveX problem with embedded Flash.

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