Toastchee #2 : Powdermilk biscuits, Pantene shampoo

You didn’t really think I’d stop at one, did you? I’ve got a lot of songs to blog about. Ok, I didn’t really blog about the Michael Damian song. I didn’t confess that sometime back in 1989 or 1990, I bought a Michael Damian cassette so I could listen to that one song.

The song below, well there’s a story there. When Garrison Keillor hawks Powdermilk biscuits on Prairie Home Companion, touting that they give shy persons the strength to get up and do what needs to get done, he’s talking about how I really could have used a biscuit at the sixth grade dance, when I really needed to get up and ask __ (wearing a red dress, of course) to dance, rather than wait six years to tell her about my six-year crush two weeks before high school graduation while in a drunken-post-disastrous-prom-Wildwood-Beach-stupor. If they ever revive Quantum Leap, Scott Bakula’s character needs to leap into my sorry sixth-grade self and change some shit.

Oh, yeah, and the video’s got Kelly LeBrock (aka ex-Mrs. Steven Seagal, Weird Science chick, “don’t hate me because I’m beautiful”).

[flv:/wp-content/video/crouton2.flv 390 295

[12-05-2009 – Replaced unavailable YouTube with copy].

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