You’re listening to Between The Sheets…on STAR 104.9

I just recalculated the Top 25 for the first time in four months. Since no one really rates songs anymore (listening is generally a prerequisite), there has been no need to recalculate these ratings weekly as I had been doing. I realize there was no reason to do them weekly when I did them weekly. In a parallel universe, these weekly ratings were eagerly awaited, like fans used to wait anxiously for Dick Clark to reveal the top songs on American Bandstand. A hobby is fine, arguably, for one’s own amusement, but after six years, and when one acts as if there are others who are amused when there really are not, one has to ponder calling it quits.

A couple of people have emailed or left a comment to let me know they still listen. The broadcast still exists in Second Life, apparently. But most of the listeners I used to have didn’t follow me when I got a new stream URL a few weeks ago. I suspect most of the listeners were just bots, ripping streams.

Average # of listeners:
March 2007: 20.7
September 2007: 14.5
March 2008: 14.3
April 2008: 5.1 (4/1-4/6: 14…4/7-4/27: 2)

For the record, I was never a big Delilah fan. I don’t gravitate to everything that is sappy, not even half of it. However, in the early 90s, I’d listen to a request show out of Philadelphia. I forget the guy’s name (Dan something?)but Christopher Knight (had to Google this, glad to see he’s still doing radio…for SoJO…South Jersey’s OWN 104.9…I didn’t know South Jersey had its own anything), he’d say, “You’re listening to Between The Sheets, on Star 104.5”. I had a couple of pathetic dedications go on the air. And then I’d be terrified to go to school the next day, even thought the odds of anyone in the school having hear the dedication, let alone the object of the ridiculous dedication, were about the same as Mike Gravel winning the North Carolina Democratic Primary.

Anyway…that was certainly an occupational aspiration, to host a dedication show on the radio. Like Casey Kasem? No. I’ll admit, some of the “long distance dedications” Casey would read during his weekly Top 40 shows were wonderfully weepy, but I didn’t aspire to read those. No, I wanted to host that Between the Sheets show. Like Christopher Knight.

I’ve digressed from my original intent, but, then again, now I’m right smack in the heart of the actual original intent of my blogging, which, as I’ve said a million times now, was actually to do the same journaling I was doing way back when…like back in 1990 when I’d write about how I needed to call up Between the Sheets and dedicate a song. If the internet were around back then (I’m not counting Prodigy), I’d be spilling my mind to the internet. I had no desire to keep my thoughts stuck in a stale notepad for the rest of eternity.

Ok, let me turn this ship back around to whence it came. So Toastie Radio…it’s been the main thing to fill up the imaginary “hobby box” for six years, and the fact is that it’s not much of anything. Regardless of one’s opinion of the music I was playing, at least I could say once upon a time that I damn good at collecting all the music. I haven’t bothered broadening my horizons (the playlist) within the last couple of years.

I don’t really know where I’m going with this…I’m just lamenting that a hobby that I hoped to be more than a hobby has ultimately been a bust, and perhaps, ok, probably, lots of things that have ultimately been busts.

Now Playing Corey Hart – Never Surrender

4 thoughts on “You’re listening to Between The Sheets…on STAR 104.9

  1. “I had a couple of pathetic dedications go on the air. And then I’d be terrified to go to school the next day,”


    Can you give us an example or pseudo-example of one of your dedications? I’d like to re-live your pain instead of mine. Not that I ever did a radio dedication (that I can recall), but we all have our ways of being wonderfully honest and open and hidden all at once.

  2. @Phil – I don’t want to relive my pain that badly. I can offer up that Bryan Adams was involved once.

    As for being honest and open and hidden all at once, that reminds me of something that I think I’ll post about…

  3. Oh my gosh… I remember calling in once and requesting Michael Jackson’s “Do You Remember the Time” back in about 1993… That’s pretty painful. And Bryan Adams does bring back a few too many memories of my first party “Everthing I do… I do it for You” playing over and over and over….

    Oh! And I can’t forget the Valentines Dance of 1993 or whatever when Whitney Houston’s rendition of “I will always Love You” was the hit song of the year. Oh! And Boys To Men “So Hard to Say Goodbye”! Oh the memories!! The pain!! The laughter!!

  4. Okay. I was a faithful listener and caller to ” Between the sheets”. Every night at midnight they played ” I Believe in You and Me” by The Four Tops and so a dear friend of mine from high school realized we both listened to this radio show and so I decided that I would call and dedicate that song to him. Now mind you we were only friends but good friends indeed. He was the pretty boy and I was the not so pretty gal. Anyway, my friend passed away this week at the young age of 34 and I was searching for something on the internet about this show so here I am writing because I am feeling good about the memories but feeling so sad that I will never see Joey again in this life. Thanks for posting this.

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