Top 20 Pet Pictures!

Oh, boy, more pet pictures! And they’re not even new ones. I’ve been messing around with my Flickr account and decided to update my set of Top 20 pictures of my pets. Out of about 700 pictures, I’ve had this set I’m determined to limit to 20. I won’t reproduce the complete set of 20 here. Instead, I’ll just try to select my 5 favorites…

Happiest dog ever
Zellouisa Mugshot (BW)
The definitive photograph of Aremid (circa June 2007)
The Definitive Aremid Outdoors Shot
Aremid allows Z to use him as a pillow

3 thoughts on “Top 20 Pet Pictures!

  1. They are all so cute. Zellouisa always reminds me of Sandy. And the picture of Aremid in the blanket reminds me of Captain Crunch…we have a couple of pictures of him in blankets. He’s such a calm cat…if we tried to put Sandy in a blanket, she’d jump out after about one second.

  2. Aremid trusts me completely. I can wrap him in a blanket or carry him any which way. He’s a perfect cat, except for the five minutes a day when he goes into psycho mode and tears through things, runs his nails down the wall, or jumps up atop a door. He’s been pretty reliable at curling up next to me at night lately.

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