Toastie plays the blog tag game

I’ll play. I need the diversion. I’ll make all my things “fun facts” instead of “ten physical ailments that I have,” because I think we’re all a bit sick of that. I have been graciously tagged by the “general knucklehead” at The Durham Bull Pen. (Am I the only person in town who doesn’t actually know his identity?)

Here are the rules:

    Post 10 random things about yourself.
    Choose five people to tag and a reason you chose them and make sure to tell them.
    Don’t tag the person who tagged you.

My 10 random things:
(these might be referenced somewhere in my pre-Toastiest blog archives, but I don’t expect anyone is reading those)

    I named Aremid after the fictional town of Aremid, which was the locale of a mysterious storyline on Days Of Our Lives in 1996
    In November 1999, I failed to reach the Hot Seat on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire by three-tenths of a seconds during one of the Fastest-Finger Rounds; I missed another question by six-tenths; I blew the unprecedented third Fastest-Finger by failing to have studied my Kentucky Derby winners out of the World Almanac I had purchased in Manhattan the previous day. (I do have this Polaroid memory of sitting across from Regis Philbis during a practice round).
    As a child, I played lots of Micro League Baseball on my Apple ][ Plus. I’d have leagues with both real teams and teams I had created featuring rosters of television characters. (Any further details would really be TMI).
    I…internet-streamer of Barry Manilow and Air Supply…had a show on WXDU…seriously…back in the Spring of 1994. I had the prime 5-7AM slot on alternate Sundays. It was an accomplishment; freshmen didn’t get their own shows to often. I played all the crap I was supposed to, with what cheesy stuff I could mind sprinkled in. I was “The Cheese Whiz”. I made a stupid mistake one day that probably could’ve been easily remedied, but I didn’t, and that was the end of my DJing career.
    When I was six or seven years old, my family had a pet white rabbit named, very creatively, Snowy. But my father was allergic, and Snowy stayed in the basement, until we gave…him/her/it…to a nursery school
    The first CD I ever purchased was Bryan Adams’ Waking Up The Neighbours. Yeah, I did get it for “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You”, but there are several other awesome tracks, such as “Do I Have To Say The Words”.
    My first job was as a Burger King cashier at the age of 14. It sucked…a lot. Still trying to break out of that 0-for-67 slump. (Just kidding, I love my current job).
    I represented the state of New Jersey at the 1992 Future Business Leaders of America national convention in Chicago, having placed first or second (can’t recall) in the state’s Business Calculations competition(!) From this, you can infer that I was a member of FBLA. I never did nor do I have any ambition at present to become a BLA.
    I own a Duke Lacrosse sweatshirt. It is over 14 years old. I bought it from freshman dorm-mates. Shucks…they were great guys, first-rate all the way.
    In April 1999, I was on the waiting-list for a psychology masters program at the University of Richmond; I didn’t get in.

Now for tagging others. Everyone I read has either already done this or will loathe the idea of doing it or doesn’t write about himself much and probably won’t want to now:


10 thoughts on “Toastie plays the blog tag game

  1. I am very curious about the WXDU thing.

    And I love how you did the “Apple ][”

    Borrowing from that era, can you pull off the equivalent for the Dolby Noise Reduction symbol?

  2. Neat list of 10 things! Thanks for playing and being a good sport. (Sorry if it was a pain in the rear to do!)

    I love the name Aremid–I used to watch Days of Our Lives with my grandmother a very long time ago. That hourglass and intro music stil reminds me of her. “Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives . . . ”


  3. DBP: An embarrassing addendum item could be that that quote by Macdonald Carey was my senior year high school yearbook quote. #12 could be that I brought back a hermit crab from North Myrtle Beach and named it Stefano.

  4. I didn’t get all the rules, but I see from the Tangential blog that I was supposed to tell you that I took you up on the tag. It’s all there, and thanks for the fun! 😀

  5. And, wow! You’re like a TV star. Was Regis Philbin nice?

    One of my short term jobs was at Burger King. They started you right out on the cash register? Wow! I had to start on drink machines and prove myself. That was before they had those automated buttons, mind you! I did a really good job not overspilling and they promoted me to the fry machine quick-like, though. Only later did I get promoted to the cash register. It was really stressful because I had to charge for ketchup packs. The ketchup pack stress was finally too much and I had to quit. That was quite a week!

  6. Valerie, Regis was pretty uptight. Taping the one-hour show took three hours, and he was very impatient about waiting, likely because he’s used to a live one-hour show that takes exactly one hour to film. I never thought he was a good host of that show, that he wasn’t particularly good at making chit-chat with ordinary people. I’ve only seen Meredith Viera on the daytime version a couple of times (with both versions, I rarely watched, because it was a bit painful), but she has better chemistry with contestants, and it helps that she’s a bit smarter than Regis.

    I was too young, perhaps per NJ regulations, to work anything in the kitchen. I guess I could scoop the fries. I just did cashier duty, order fulfillment (that’s a great way to put it on a resume), and emptying the trash. There was a mean old white man in charge of a bunch of African-American employees, plus me. I mention that, not because he was a bigot–he hated everyone–but because I completely didn’t fit in with the group. I was from this affluent, mostly white neighborhood (even though I wasn’t affluent) and this was the first time I ever had the experience of being a minority in a group (besides the overall “not fitting in” that plagued me and lots of 14-year-olds). I didn’t have any conflicts with them, but I had no friends. It probably had something to do with age as well, since I was by far the youngest person working there, and probably the only one there just for a summer job.

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