Coalition to Unchain Dogs: One year, 70 dogs unchained!

This brilliant video captures the triumph of the work of Amanda Arrington, Lori Hensley, and dozens of other volunteers over the past year. They have transformed the lives of dozens of dogs, and in doing so, have been transforming Durham’s neighborhoods.

Two ways you can help the Coalition to Unchain Dogs in the coming weeks:
– Help them raise $10,000 in the Great Human Race, which is next Saturday. As of now, they are 93% towards their goal
– Come to their 2nd annual garage sale, on Saturday, April 12 (see flyer)

On the main website, there are also links for making a regular donation, buying Cafe Press gear, and signing up for their list-serv if you are interested in helping build a fence or just following the progress of the organization.


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