12 for 12

I only filled out seven brackets this year for the men’s NCAA basketball tournament, dispersed among various contests. In one, I’ve only picked 5 of 12 games correctly. In another, I am 12 for 12 so far. Should I win this latter contest, the prize will be…considerable. However, I am currently tied with 14 others; it’s a big contest. And there are still 51 games to go. I will afford myself a few minutes to be amused.

I did not pick Duke to win the title in any of the seven brackets. I did, however, pick them to win in their first-round game in each bracket. Gutsy choice, in retrospect.

2 thoughts on “12 for 12

  1. That perfect bracket was actually 16 for 16 after Thursday’s games. But today, that bracket didn’t fare quite so well. I only went 9 for 16, missing all the upsets and even the 8/9 games. So now prizes for me this year.

  2. It hasn’t been widely reported, or officially publicized, but the entire Duke coaching staff and the vast majority of the players (including Paulus, Nelson, King, Singler, Smith and Thomas) have the same virus that gave Krzyzewski a 104-degree fever during the game against Belmont. Assuming it’s the same bug that’s knocked my fiancee off her feet, it’s an accomplishment in and of itself that they could even play in two games, let alone win one.

    That said, in none of the five brackets that I filled out, did Duke make it past the national semifinals, and in most cases, they didn’t make it past the regionals. (I filled out the brackets before I learned of the teams’ illness.)

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