I just realized that half the plastic junk I’ve been putting out with recycling can’t be recycled by Durham’s recycling program. Furthermore, they actually expect me to examine each item to determine what kind of resin code the plastics have. Maybe I’m exaggerating the complexity of this, but I’d like to think that if a container has the recycling logo on the bottom that’s it’s ok. Apparently not. And I thought that number in the middle of the logo was supposed to mean something. Durham’s guidelines don’t give me a list of numbers. They tell me that a detergent container is ok but not a margarine container. There are a billion things in between that don’t seem so cut-and-dry though.

Maybe I’m complaining about something everyone else already knows. I guess my big question would be, what is preventing Durham from having a recycling program that accepts all recyclable plastics?

Furthermore, I’ve never received a note telling me that half of my junk is no good for the recycling program. What’s happening to that stuff?

The City of Durham’s Frequently Asked Questions: Plastic Recycling

I thought I had been doing a good job of separating out my recyclables. I suppose, from now, just bottles are going in, and I’ll kill the planet with everything else.

2 thoughts on “Plastics

  1. I just look to see if the opening of the container is smaller than the body of the container. I think that covers all instances.

    That said, I hardly buy anything in plastic anymore, especially food, because I can’t keep straight which plastics are toxic and which aren’t… now THAT’s something you have to keep the numbers straight about.

    I think all the glass is recyclable.

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