Beating back teh sick

I really didn’t need the sudden onset of a Category 4 cold right now. Itchy, scratch, slimy throat, congestion, overall yuckiness… When I awoke this morning, I couldn’t take a breath without nearly chocking on mucous. I pondered. This was not good. I’ve already exhausted all of my leave from work due to the other stuff. No days left for “normal sick”. Whom would I see if I needed medical attention? My primary care physician doesn’t even know who I am, since she’s never there when I actually have to come in to make an appointment at the group practice. And it’s always the same deal–check for strep, try some Claritin for possible allergies. But now I’m in that category of folks who should “consult a physician” before taking just about an OTC medication. My nephrologist’s response time ranges between a day and never. I’m so tired of doctor’s office’s anyway. In about 1000 trips lifetime, they’ve pronounced my name correctly about 10% of the time. That alone is enough to spike my doctor’s office angst.

Prior to Feburary 4, 2008, feeling like I do today would mean a sick day 95% of the time. Today, I found some way to get myself to a hot shower and feel about 25% better, just enough to get myself into work.

And, the odd thing is, I want to be at work. I really do. Well, I want to be here as opposed to home, where clutter and Fancy Feast odors and my smelly much-in-need-of-a-grooming dog overwhelm me.

Here at work…to configure, repair, and enhance everyone’s favorite incident management system…

2 thoughts on “Beating back teh sick

  1. Diddo on the neti pot. Not been willing to try yet, but have heard amazing things about it.

    Lunch with you rocked… hope I didn’t get you sick somehow as a “carrier” or such. 😦

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