Who wants to foster/adopt a dog, right now?

No comment on the “owner” of this dog. My blood pressure is high enough as it is.

(from a local list-serv)

This poor guy needs a home

We picked up a dog on 9th St. Sunday night after his owner dumped him out of the car and drove off, leaving him chasing behind. We picked him up, cut the rope collar out of his fur, and brought him home. Unfortunately, we already have 2 dogs, 2 cats, a newborn baby, and a small house and can’t keep him, so we’re looking to get him somewhere warm and friendly ASAP. We estimate that he’s 1-2 years old. A black & tan with brendle accents that might include border collie, shepherd/husky, and boxer? He behaves well in the car and on a leash and seems to have a good overall temperament. We’d rather not take him to the shelter if we can find a loving home fast enough. If you’ve got room for a dog, please get in touch soon.

CONTACT: dhfoster@duke.edu or 919.286.9985


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