Coalition to Unchain Dogs throws a benefit concert

In positive local news, The Coalition to Unchain Dogs held its inaugural fundraising concert last night in Durham’s Central Park. An enthusiastic crowd of local dog-lovers came out to enjoy the perfect fall evening for an outdoor concert. I’m sure that the organizers had hoped for a larger crowd. However, I think that having pulled off the logistical challenge of holding a five-hour event in downtown Durham without any major snafus, and raking in a few thousands dollars in addition to the invaluable commodity of community awareness and support made this concert a smashing success. Coalition founder Amanda Arrington deserves a lot of credit for getting the issue of dog mistreatment out in the open.

If you missed the concert, you can always donate to the cause online.

I don’t see the unchaining of dogs a merely an animal rights issue. Every time a local dog-owner family learns how to better care for their pet–by getting it spayed or neutered and giving it an untethered existence–the neighborhood, one house at a time, becomes a friendlier, less-threatening place. Others can say this more eloquently than I am. It’s one of those quality-of-life issues…

A young boy who lives across from the street from me always asks, “Does he bite?” when he sees my dog. He’s seen and petted Herman a few dozen times by now, but I guess the impression that he encounters other dogs who aren’t quite so friendly. Kids that grow up among attack dogs are likely to…stab their peers at the mall later in life. Yes, I realize it’s a lot more complicated than that. I lack the time and knowledge to expound further…

Unchaining a dogs is a good start; that’s all I’m saying…


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