Using a parked car as your family’s stereo system

I find it very difficult to believe that neighbors that constantly play music from the stereo of their parked car don’t realize what a nuisance they’re being. I doubt they’re exceeding the designated decibels put forth in the city ordinance. As far as the city ordinance reference to quiet hours between 11PM and 7AM, I find the music just as aggravating at 1PM on Sunday afternoon as I do at 11:30PM on a Tuesday night. It’s not even so much the music as it is the constant bass. There might has well be a keyboard sitting in my house, playing one of those pre-fab beats nonstop.

I was considering putting some dog stuff that Herman doesn’t use or like in a box and giving it to this family for their new puppy (which their kids will likely inadvertently strangle, suffocate, or otherwise kill before long). I recognize that actually talking to them might be a good precursor to mentioning the car music. But I’m doubting that they are reasonable people. The risk of confirming that they are unreasonable people is that I am then more likely to retaliate with my own unreasonable behavior. Assumption unconfirmed, I’ll refrain from doing anything rash.

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