Michael Vick and Friends

I don’t need to write about Michael Vick anymore. The press has covered the “allegations,” and let’s just assume that, in Fantasy Land, Vick is innocent. It still doesn’t excuse the remarks of others condoning dog-fighting. Two months ago, I expressed my disgust with those pro athletes (and anyone) that treats such matters with ambivalence (Pro athletes = Thugs). I’m putting in a fresh link to my old comments, because I think the reaction from some of Vick’s peers has been as reprehensible as Vick’s alleged behavior itself. And people with these views are probably your next-door neighbors or fathers or brothers. That’s what’s truly scary.

Ok, one more comment about Michael Vick. Nike has suspended the launch of his new shoe. Perhaps they can’t legally “cancel” it, but I would prefer to see the word “indefinitely” preceding the suspension. I won’t buy another Nike product as long as Michael Vick is associated with the company. (Ooh, I’m sure Nike’s scared of your boycott, Toastie! How much Nike merchandise have you bought in your life, $100 worth? Yeah, I know, imagined AOL-sports-forum troll. I’m only one person; but maybe some other people will join me in this pledge).


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