Decline of Toastiest

Between my lack of posts, the lack of referrals from the now-defunct Bullshat blog, and the very real and understandable possibility that I’ve simply lost readers, Toastiest’s hits are down.

Unique visitors per day

February 8.6
March 9.6
April 10.1
May 30.4
June 31.8
July 22.0

Feedburner stats
I’ve gone from a peak of 15 subscribers down to 8.
Feed subscribers over past 30 days

One thought on “Decline of Toastiest

  1. I spoke too soon. I’m suddenly up to 15 feed subscribers. Commenting on Barry’s Dependable Erection always helps.

    But if someone took pity on me and added this feed to 7 different feed aggregators overnight just to help my stats, please undo that.

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