Michael Vick = Monster

Michael Vick loves watching Buster and Scooby rip each other apart

I touched on this briefly last week, and I don’t want to say much more, because what Michael Vick and others do to dogs and how others think their behavior is acceptable and amusing just sickens me. But I heard some more about this story today, and I don’t think my earlier name-calling went far enough. Michael Vick isn’t just a thug; he’s a monster.

Video game icon Michael VickSay what you will about Mark McGwire and Barry Bonds abusing their bodies and cheating their way to records and perhaps influencing a few kids here or there to put performance-enhancing crap in their bodies. Or consider how one in a million of violent video game addicts might shoot up his school. Then think about how much of role model someone like Michael Vick is, and how the media and general public care little when someone of his stature participates in high stakes dog-fighting and contributes to the abuse of hundreds of dogs in the name of entertainment. Do some quick Psych 101 reading if you’re not familiar with just how likely it is that kids that either participate in or are amused by the abuse of animals will go on to later abuse and injure human beings without remorse.

I don’t give a crap what legal stage this situation is at. I don’t think many people get framed for participating in dog fighting rings and abusing and neglecting dozens of their pets.

I imagine I may suddenly get all these hits from rabid sports fans ready to defend Vick. Good luck getting past the math question you’ll need to answer correctly to post a comment.


4 thoughts on “Michael Vick = Monster

  1. I’ve realized that I get a ton of hits to my blog simply because people are searching for images on Google on dog fighting. I know why I once searched for such an image–for this post. But I’d rather not be getting blog traffic from this. So I think I’ll change the name on the image. Maybe call it something like ‘michaelbolton.jpg’.

  2. Totally agree. How can anyone–breeders or spectators think that watching animals tear each other apart is a sport? How can they even stand to watch? It’s scary that dog fighting (cock fighting for that matter, too) has any kind of following. By the way, BTK (Wichita, KS) serial killer started with abusing animals and was even an animal control officer for a while. Pretty sure most of the really notorious serial killers had a history of torturing and killing animals.

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