Hobnobbing among the elite

EDIT (2-8-2008) – I don’t reveal my own name directly in this site, so it’s not fair that I named my friends. Therefore, I’m editing this entry now.

[Had a link to the New York Times society page, because I thought it was cool that I’d gone to a wedding featured in the NYT].

I just returned from Capon Springs, West Virginia, where I attended M and S’s wedding. There were 250 or so guests, including 31 MDs and lots of politicos. I didn’t really do much hobnobbing other than with my friends, although I recall making an ass of myself when meeting M’s boss, Congressman __ __ (D-__). I don’t really think he cared too much about Durham, North Carolina politics, particularly as explained by one of M’s inebriated fraternity brothers. I did learn from a colleague of M’s (whose name I will not disclose) that Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV) has quoted Popeye from the Senate floor.

I’ll have some pictures up on Flickr soon enough.

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