8 thoughts on “Cool website of the day for people who read a lot (or even a little)

  1. I’ve been at PBS over a year now, and bookcrossing since 2003. I think PBS has a lot more wrong with it than just the USA-centrism, but it’s still the best I’ve found for book swapping. Their swap-a-CD site pales in comparison to lala, though!
    Bookmooch.com is international, and growing rapidly, if you need a non-USA fix 🙂

  2. I really love the concept of bookcrossing; I’ve been there since 2003 as well. It’s just that no one wants the books on my shelf, and after trying really hard a few months ago to give a bunch of them away, it’s easy to get discouraged with the whole thing.

  3. That’s what wild releasing is for 🙂 Bookcrossing isn’t a trading site, per se – its original purpose was for setting books free into the wild. If you really want to get rid of books, try posting in the wish list forum – I’ve never had a book go unclaimed there.

  4. Yeah, I’ve done wild releases too, then I get bummed because I really want to track the books, but no one seems to pick them up. I’ve also posted my shelf to the wishlist forum and gotten rid of a few books that way but still have a large number sitting on my living room floor. Ah well.

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