Whoring for Fresh Step on my blog

Back on May 12, I wrote about my disgust with Arm & Hammer Multicat litter.

Today, I received this email:

Hi Toastie,

My name is Maureen [I’ll omit her last name]. I came across your blog and read an entry regarding your disgust with Arm & Hammer Multicat cat litter. I thought you might be interested in trying out and perhaps discussing a new innovation in cat litter on your blog.

This spring Clorox launched a new and improved Fresh Step Scoopable Cat Litter with odor-eliminating carbon. This is the biggest innovation in cat litter in 20 years – the carbon in this new-patented formula helps to eliminate odors on contact, so odors are neutralized before they leave the box. The new formula has the same cat-activated fresheners and clump strength and is still 99.9 percent dust free. So it is just as clean and safe for your cat and home as the previous Fresh Step Scoopable Cat Litter.

The new Fresh Step Scoopable Cat Litter has granules containing odor-eliminating carbon. Carbon helps to eliminate odors by grabbing them and holding them to its surface. In addition, the new Fresh Step Scoopable Cat Litter contains a patented antimicrobial agent to help fight the growth of odor causing bacteria.

So what does all this mean for you, a pet lover? Basically – the new and improved Fresh Step Scoopable Cat Litter will deliver maximum odor control and will revolutionize the cat litter experience for you (and your feline friends!).

We would love to send you two free full-size samples to try. If you’re interested, just reply with your mailing address and I will ship it right out to you.


So I wrote back and gave my address so I can get some cat litter coupons. I neglected to tell her that I’m already using Fresh Step, but that I don’t find the product she mentioned suitable enough for my cats. I actually get Fresh Step Scoopable Cat Litter with crystals because the crystals seem to be the last piece of the puzzle that makes for the only cat litter I’ve ever bought that really works. Mo, if you’re reading this, I should still get the coupons, because I am discussing Fresh Step’s fine products in my blog.

9 thoughts on “Whoring for Fresh Step on my blog

  1. Heh. Interesting. I’m still trying out different brands, and while I liked Fresh Step, it seemed quite a bit more dusty than Tidy Cat and SWheat Scoop, so I’m still looking.

  2. Yeah, there is that big plume of dust whenever I pour in the Fresh Step. I don’t know what the heck “99.9 percent dust free” means. And ultimately I can only vouch for what works with two cats, and my two cats at that.

  3. I buy the “crystals only” cat litters, i.e. the ones that are just white silica pebbles. (Though Fresh Step does add some blue-colored crystal pebbles to its mix.) I buy it at PetsMart or PetCo, because that’s where it is the cheapest, although the Super Target I go to has a store brand that is about the same price. Odor control is THE most important thing to me, but the silica types last a whole lot longer than any others, too. So if I count the amount of “other” litter I would have to buy on a more frequent basis, the price difference really isn’t so bad after all. And I’ve never liked any of the scoopables, because they just don’t eliminate odor.

    The absolute best cat litter I ever used, though, was some pellet litter that Purina used to make; it was made from the inedible byproducts of pet food production. It was a brownish pellet, and was THE best litter I ever used for odor control. Purina stopped making it, though, and sold it off to some industrial absorbent-products company, and now it is almost impossible to find, although some feed-n-tack places still carry it. (None near me, though….) The bag was black, with a brown & white sitting cat on the front; I don’t even remember the name of it any more, although I think it was something like “Feline Pride.” Whatever it was called, though, it was the best cat litter ever made.

  4. I used the silica litter for awhile, but when Z became diabetic and began peeing on the floor, I thought that perhaps she didn’t like the litter, so I stopped using it. Several months later when she was doing better, I tried it again, but Aremid didn’t seem to want to use it.

    My litterbox is in a bathroom attached to my bedroom, so I usually don’t smell it. My problem with scoopables is when they don’t clump well. My current litter clumps very well.

  5. I don’t mind the plumes of dust in and of themself, but the thought that I’m breathing it in (as is George every time he digs) bugged me. I read some warnings about bentonite clay and how it’s unhealthy for cats to consume it (George doesn’t do that, so we’re okay there) but they made some points about it absorbing a lot and swelling up, enough that I don’t want it in my lungs.

  6. So there are people trolling LJ looking for people who write about their cat litter preferences? Hmmm….interesting.

    Speaking of cat litter, you know those cat litter litter commercials where the people go out of town and the cats have a big party? The other day when I left for work, a scruffy-looking tan cat walked right up to my door. It was like he was waiting for me to leave so he could hang out with Sandy & Gizmo.

  7. Based on my cats’ past interactions with other cats, I don’t think they’d ever invite any others over for a party.

    As I type this, someone is setting off fireworks, a nearby church perhaps, and it’s scaring the crap out of Zellouisa so she’s hiding instead of eating. 😦

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